I’m Sick Of Lemonade!!!

I’m Sick Of Lemonade!!!

    I have had quite a few lemons in my time.
When life has been tough and things have gotten hard,
I have been diligent, faithful, and optimistic.
I have squeezed,
I have juiced,
I have sweetened my lemons,
and I… have drank a lot of lemonade.

I am tired of lemonade!
I want some other fruit.
I would like a little more grace, favor, and ease.
I might even settle for some strawberry lemonade.
But what about something completely different.
What about banana-mango, or better yet, a pina~colada.
That would be nice…
Put a little lime in my co-co-nut…

    I need to find some different fruit trees to hang out with.
All this lemonade is making my stomach upset.
Life can keep it’s lemons.
I am going to get me a pineapple and possibly a bottle of tequila.
Then I am going to invite all my friends and family over.
We’ll show them lemons what life is really all about.


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