Casting Stones

While walking on a cobblestone beach with my husband we came across a lone golden colored pebble in the shape of a heart. Immediately it caught our attention. As far as our eyes could see the shore was lined with dark rocks. The crashing of the waves made a thunderous sound as the water tumbled the rocks beneath the gigantic swell. We stood there humbled by the glory we were experiencing. It was all so surreal.

This gorgeous, tumultuous landscape reminded me of a sea of people. All of whom used their boisterous voices like the thrashing of the waters on a cold, hard, black surface. We are likened to these stones; exotic in nature, beautifully polished, and congregated together. We can so eloquently point out the darkness in others while we struggle to recognize the juxtaposition that we are residing on the same beach.

We resist disciplining our own thoughts, actions, and lifestyles. We are affected by the tides and get caught up in the breaking waves. It may have a different shape and different size, but a rock is still a rock. We judge the person next to us as if we are somehow better than they are, not realizing we are human too. We condemn those we disagree with as we protect our pet beliefs, especially when it goes against our moral paradigms.

We set standards based on our opinions of right and wrong. These beliefs on how things should or shouldn’t be done muddy the waters. Fickle, we try to please others and become miserable and miserably confused. We are trapped by the hillside defining our borders. Layer upon layer, our morals are subject to humanity’s standards, and therefore judged by its laws.

As the cloud of pride hangs over head, we take the liberty to damn others while living arrogantly self-righteous, often guilty of the very thing we are condemning in others. But, we justify our actions. We have well reasoned excuses for our behavior. We do not hold ourselves to the same rule of law that we expect others to honor. We choose to whom we grant empathy, grace, and mercy. In our fear, we place ourselves behind the bench with gavel in hand. In haste we wield it’s power. Often while the jury is still out, we choose to proclaim guilt and shame in our attempt to manipulate that which we cannot control.

It has never been our job to convict the heart of another. Humility, empathy and true understanding comes from a place of rest. Rest comes from a peace that passes understanding. It resides in confidence of personal identity and purpose. It speaks the truth that sets us free. It remains in a state of continual love, and it stands out among the rest. While there are many who champion this cause we all seem to fall short in our own imperphections. There has only been one who has loved with a heart of gold and stayed pure. There is only one who has the right to cast a stone and even He chose mercy over judgement.


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