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How do you think it went?


In my mind the event was a huge success. Though the sound was off, the lighting cues were spotty, and the videos had a slight delay, we accomplished a major feet on May 3rd, 2014. As a community of people, we were in good spirits. We joined together and chose not to be discouraged. We had fun. We were entertained, and we laughed at the technical difficulties that we faced.

Not only had I poured my life into the 3rd Annual BSSM Film Festival this year, so many others did so as well. We all had high expectations. Some of which were let down.

So what happens when you put your heart and soul in something you believe so deeply in and things don’t turn out quite the way you hoped they would?

Such is life. Oftentimes we get so hung up on the pictures in our heads we forget to focus on all the things that go right. I volunteered countless hours in planning and preparing for this event for almost a year. I had meetings galore, emails in abundance, classes and deadlines. With all the organization and grace I could muster, I still lacked a certain amount of know how and structure. If I got anything out of this last season it is what not to do, from the numerous mistakes I made along the way. My personal failures have become a great teaching tool and therefore can be viewed a rewarding success.

When you have such huge aspirations and high standards, all you can do is dust yourself off and keep going. We are in the middle of a learning curve. I myself need to get better at learning to delegate to those with the gift and ability to take it on. So many people caught the vision I have been carrying and came under me to support it and bring it to fruition. I have had enormous amounts of grace and favor. There is no way I could have pulled off such a grand event without the passion of those who came along side and carried the burden with me.

I have been overwhelmed by the amount of love, encouragement, and belief people have in this vision. There have been countless numbers of those who desire to bring to life, excellence in the realm visual storytelling. All they have needed is a platform in which to jump off of. It has been my hope to be apart of raising up and equipping filmmakers to go into the marketplace and become successful.

We are accomplishing that goal!

The day after the event when I was feeling tired and deflated a good friend of mine who is a professional in our field said, “You guys are ambitious in trying to model your film festival after the most prestigious film festival in the world… “the Oscars””. You guys are doing an amazing job. Since then I have received tons of positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. What encourages me the most is the amount of people who have come up to me already hoping to be apart of next year’s track and festival.

Acknowledging that perphectionism is overrated, I understand we still have a lot to learn. I am also grateful that we are in an environment where we are safe to make mistakes and grow.

I can list so many things that went right this year: the musical performers were stunning, the motion graphics were awesome, the director interviews were outstanding, the student projects turned out so well, and the community of people grew as a whole. However, my favorite part was that we stood together and made the best of something with what we had to work with. And that my friends is all we can ask for.

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