Monthly Archives: March 2016

I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for sabotaging my relationships.

I’m sorry for agreeing with fear.

I’m sorry for suppressing my voice.

I’m sorry for viewing vulnerability as weakness.

I’m sorry for self-protecting.

I’m sorry for hiding my heart.

I’m sorry I reject being loved.

I’m sorry I run when I should press in.

I’m sorry I have turned anger into manipulation & intimidation.

I’m sorry I have sought out my worth & significance in others.

I’m sorry I searched for affirmation rather than entering into praise.

I’m sorry I didn’t receive a compliment.

I’m sorry I focused on my flaws.

I’m sorry I wallowed in self-pity.

I’m sorry I purge my emotions rather than develop a renewed mind.

I’m sorry I let guilt in the driver’s seat.

I’m sorry deception stole the wheel.

I’m sorry I let hurt build up walls of resentment.

I’m sorry my aversion to pain became flaming arrows launched at those I love.

I’m sorry I kept people at arms length.

I’m sorry I searched for identity in what others thought of me rather than anchoring my spirit in truth & hope.

I’m sorry I didn’t say sorry sooner.

I Forgive You

To those who have hurt me over the years… I forgive you!

To those of you who made me feel small & inferior… I forgive you!

To those who made me feel ashamed of my femininity… I forgive you!

To those who made me feel unworthy of love, respect, & appreciation… I forgive you!

To those in my life who did not live up to their own standard of strength & courage… I forgive you!

To the ones who feared my opinions & personality and projected on me their own feelings of inadequacy… I forgive you!

To the many who felt threatened by my intuition & fluid nature, who shut down my ideas & rejected my methods… I forgive you!

To those who would make crass & vulgar jokes at the expense of my sexuality… I forgive you!

To those who entertained fantasies & avoided being present… I forgive you!

To those in my culture who have reduced me down to simply aesthetics or purely productivity… I forgive you!

For allowing you to devalue me in any way… I forgive myself!

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