I’m Sorry

I’m sorry for sabotaging my relationships.

I’m sorry for agreeing with fear.

I’m sorry for suppressing my voice.

I’m sorry for viewing vulnerability as weakness.

I’m sorry for self-protecting.

I’m sorry for hiding my heart.

I’m sorry I reject being loved.

I’m sorry I run when I should press in.

I’m sorry I have turned anger into manipulation & intimidation.

I’m sorry I have sought out my worth & significance in others.

I’m sorry I searched for affirmation rather than entering into praise.

I’m sorry I didn’t receive a compliment.

I’m sorry I focused on my flaws.

I’m sorry I wallowed in self-pity.

I’m sorry I purge my emotions rather than develop a renewed mind.

I’m sorry I let guilt in the driver’s seat.

I’m sorry deception stole the wheel.

I’m sorry I let hurt build up walls of resentment.

I’m sorry my aversion to pain became flaming arrows launched at those I love.

I’m sorry I kept people at arms length.

I’m sorry I searched for identity in what others thought of me rather than anchoring my spirit in truth & hope.

I’m sorry I didn’t say sorry sooner.

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